Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Candy's Dandy, But...

Dipped Oreos are WAY quicker!

Normally, yours truly is not a big Oreo fan...but their holiday peppermint version has me swooning with pleasure. It's got a very nice hit of mint, mixed with the chocolate.
    After a day spent making Grandma's sugar cookies, I really longed for a simple cookie that I didn't have to schlep into the oven umpteen times. These are it!


1 package Oreo sandwich cookies (I'd really recommend the mint)
1 package semisweet, dark chocolate or white chocolate chips
any decorations you'd like -- sprinkles, candy cutouts, etc.

Hold onto your seats -- here we go.
Melt whichever chocolate you choose in the microwave. (Approx. 1-1 1/2 min. - watch and stop when it smooths out.) You can also melt it using a double boiler...but the mike's faster.

Dip the cookies in the melted chocolate, using tongs. Place them on a clean counter, or on top of wax paper.

Sprinkle with whatever edible goodies you've chosen.

Let cool, and store in single layers, separated by foil or wrap.

That's it!

And if you're a bit uncertain how they could look, try Home Based Mom's version (half-dipped, biscotti style) and Frugal Upstate's version below, fully dipped. (Frugal made them for Valentine's Day, but they would be gorgeous on a Christmas plate, too. Can't you see them sprinkled with blue sugar and silver dragees for Hanukkah, as well?)

Frugal Upstate's version...nice!

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