Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Welcome to the Kitchen!

Gee, I'm glad you're here. 

Think of this blog as your spot to find some of the best dishes of the holidays -- and since they're on the way and breathing heavily at the door, we're going to start with Thanksgiving and Christmas. I plan to pass on some of the best recipes out there, plus some family secrets of my own, and others.

I was lucky to come from a long line of wonderful cooks. My grandma's family was the stuff of DARhood, in New Hampshire, but she married a Michigan mailman and farmer. Grandma had her own chickens, though, and a thriving egg business. (She also sold fruit and vegetables from the farm, as well as Queen Anne's Lace wildflower bouquets picked from the nearby ditches.)

Grandma's table was famous among the threshers who visited at harvesttime, including her masterful fried chicken, New England-style baked beans, and sturdy apple pies. I have fond memories of visits to her house....and cooky jar, filled with hermits and applesauce gems.

My mom learned from her, and picked up some new twists, thanks to a friendship with a Californian who also happened to be Hispanic. We were eating tacos and tamales at a time when, in our neck of the woods, at least, it was considered "foreign" food.

I was lucky enough to learn from both Mom and Grandma -- and others, as the years have gone on. Now I want to share these wonderful dishes with you, too.

Let the fun begin!

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